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Frequently asked questions

How does greencardreplacement.com work?

It's very simple. First you create an account with us HERE. Once you have created your account, log in and then you have to take an eligibility test, just to be 100% sure that form I 90 is the right one for your case, don’t worry it’s just a few questions.

Once you pass the eligibility test you're ready to start your I 90 green card renewal application filling out a questionnaire we use to recollect all the important information we're going to need to prepare your I 90 form. It won't take you more than 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire. You can also save your progress and come back later to finish it.

Once you finish the questionnaire, submit it, make the payment and let us take care of the rest. In just 1 business day we will complete your I 90 form and email it to you so you will only have to send it to the USCIS. In addition to your I 90 renewal of green card form we will also email you a cover letter and detailed instructions on how to submit your I 90 form to the USCIS.

What are the consequences of not renewing my expired Green Card or replacing my Lost Green Card?

These are the main disadvantages of not renewing/replacing your green card:

- You can NOT re-entry the U.S. if you travel abroad.
- You can NOT apply for a new job.
- You can NOT apply for a new drivers' license.
- You can NOT apply for a mortgage loan.
- You can NOT apply for U.S. Citizenship.

You can read more about the disadvantages of not renewing your green card HERE

How much does your service cost?

It's only 295 dollars. You will save thousands of dollars in immigration attorneys and from the comfort of your home you can prepare your application and receive it ready for filing it to the USCIS within 1 business day.

The price of our service includes the preparation of your I 90 green card renewal form, a cover letter and detailed filing instructions on how to file your I 90 form to the USCIS and any other additional steps your case may require.

How much time do I have to wait to receive my renewed green card?

It takes from 8 to 9 months to receive your renewed green card. But in just 8 weeks you will receive a receipt of confirmation from the government that you can use as a valid replacement of your green card. Click HERE to read more about it.

Can I travel abroad if I lost my green card or if it has expired?

Yes you can travel abroad, but you will have problems when you come back to the United States. You may be denied to entry the USA or you will have to pay a high entrance fee. Click HERE to read more about it.

I submitted my application but one or part of the information is incorrect, what can I do?

Don't worry, you can send us a support ticket through your "messages" page in your profile. Don't forget to include your application code. Bare in mind that if you want to change some information in your application after you have submitted it, this can delay the preparation time of your application. That's why you should always carefully review your application before submitting it.

If I prepare form I 90 and file it by myself and I make a mistake, what would happen to my application?

It will take about six months only to receive the blue letter stating that your application has mistakes. This letter comes with instructions to fix the mistake, most of the time these USCIS instructions are as complex as the initial instructions you followed, so it could be easy to make a second mistake, which will only lead you to a longer waiting period and more delays. In addition, you will have to pay more fees and resend the package again. You could avoid all those troubles for just $295 and letting us take care of your I 90 form preparation.

Even if you choose to file the documents yourself, we strongly recommend to check for misspellings. Yes, believe it or not... misspellings are the most common mistakes that can lead you to application rejection.

How do I make sure my case has no mistakes before filing with the USCIS?

Your first alternative is to take your case to an immigration attorney, you know this option is way more expensive than to hire a professional immigration service company, most of the time attorneys charge five times more of what the immigration service would charge you to prepare the documents for you.

An immigration service company like Greencardreplacement.com assists you in preparing your documentation and forms without mistakes for your filing with the INS. Our system recollects from you through an elaborated questionnaire all the necessary information we require to prepare your I 90 green card renewal form. Greencardreplacement.com is not a law firm, we are not attorneys and no legal advice is given by the company ever. We use propriety top of the line software to assure that your forms are completed without mistakes. An Immigration Specialist Agent is assigned to your case, and will prepare your form from start to finish, making sure the right documentation and fees are submitted to the right USCIS office.

Please keep in mind that using a qualified specialist is the best way to go, we do not recommend that you make the preparation and filing yourself unless you are really confident of the procedures.

How can the Greencardreplacement.com system help me?

Greencardreplacement.com guarantees your application will be filled without mistakes according to the information you provide us. Our fees are way LESS EXPENSIVE than the fees charged by immigration attorneys. We guarantee your form I 90 will be prepared and ready to file within 1 business day after you submit and pay your application. An expert Immigration Agent will be assigned to your case to assure no mistakes are made. A department supervisor will review your form before we send it to you to triple check for accuracy. Our System is proven and our success rate reflects our tried and true methods of getting your green card renewal application filed and approved on time!

Should I replace my green card now or wait a little longer?

If you have lost your green card, it has expired or it's close to its expiration date we strongly recommend you to start your renewal/replacement of green card process as soon as possible because currently the USCIS is taking approximatelly 8 - 11 months to issue and deliver to you your new green card.

How do I start my green card renewal/replacement application?

Click HERE if you don't have an account with us yet, or LOG IN if you already have an account and then click on the START YOUR APPLICATION button.

Should I compare fees and service with other immigration services?

Of course! There are plenty of immigration attorneys that will take your case and charge you thousands. We encourage you to investigate other options. One thing we can tell you and we're proud of is that we are a Better Business Bureau accredited company, we have done thousands of cases with an 99% approval rate.

Please review the information and services offered by other online companies and compare them against ours.

Even if you don't choose our company, we encourage you to start your green card renewal/replacement application immediately because all the process can take up to 3 months!

How do I pay your service?

You can pay online with credit card or with PayPal. We use secure third party payment systems provided by Stripe and PayPal to process your payment, that means that we do not save any of your credit card information. Stripe and PayPal secure systems take care of the payment process.

Is there any additional cost?

For our service we only charge $295. Additionally you will have to pay to the USCIS a separate mandatory fee depending on your case. You can find a detailed list of those fees HERE.

I get an error after I try to pay with my credit card

If you're trying to pay with credit card and you get an error it is because your credit card was declined by your issuing bank for a variety of reasons and the payment was not processed.

The most common reason for a card decline is an invalid Postal Code check. If this check fails, it's because the bank is telling the credit card processor's system that the information the cardholder has provided does not match what they have on file. If you have recently moved, it may take your bank a while to have the correct zip code on file.

While some banks decline payments that fail this check, others do not. If your ZIP code information is correct and you're still experiencing issues because of this check is failing, you may wish to call your bank and confirm that the information your bank has on file is correct.

Alternatively, you can try to pay with PayPal if you have a PayPal account.

So, have you cleared all your doubts? Then you can start your green card renewal application now by clicking on the button below. It won't take too much of your time and in just some minutes you can have your Green Card Replacement application started and ready to be prepared by immigration specialists.

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